Kono Pizza locations are available as franchise opportunities across Canada!
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  Q: I am interesting in owning a Kono Pizza franchise in Canada, what would be my first step?
  A: First of all, thank you for your interest in Kono Pizza. Kono Pizza Canada Inc. is the owner of the Master Franchise of Kono Pizza locations across Canada and is actively pursuing franchisee opportunities in all provinces. To become part of this exciting new food concept, first we need some information about you. Let’s setup a phone call and discuss this opportunity further.
  Q: How much does it cost to own a Kono Pizza franchise?
  A: At Kono Pizza Canada, we have implemented a straight forward approach to franchising. As a franchisee, you will not be required to pay royalties or commissions on your global sales. The only costs are the upfront franchise agreement costs, as well as the requirement to purchase the Kono Pizza cones from the Master Franchisor. Easy and simple. The upfront franchise and the price of the Kono Pizza cones are discussed privately.
  Q: I see that the Kono Pizza cones are baked in a specialty oven, where will I buy this oven from?
  A: The patented Kono Pizza oven is made in Italy and only available to Kono Pizza franchisees. Kono Pizza requires all franchisees to lease the Kono Pizza oven for a period of three years. After those three years, you will OWN the oven. Some Kono Pizza locations may wish to lease/own multiple ovens, additional ovens will be available from Kono Pizza Canada as well.
  Q: Once I decide to purchase a Kono Pizza franchise, what will I receive with upfront franchise fees?
  A: As a Kono Pizza franchisee, you will immediately receive the following:

• A license to operate a Kono Pizza franchise
• All oven leasing costs for the first 12 months of operation
• One “skid” of Kono Pizza cones (4,320 cones)
• Personalized web page and Email account
• Inclusion in Kono Pizza Canada’s online customer purchase tool
• Assistance in building and managing your Internet-based marketing campaign
• Professional designs and guidelines for building your Kono Pizza location
• A two-day training program focused on food skills and marketing skills.

  Q: I see that Kono Pizza has developed logos, packaging, graphics and websites. As a franchisee, do I need to print all my packaging materials? My uniforms?
  A: Kono Pizza has developed a wealth of resources for franchisees. Again, our goal is to make it easy and simple for you. You will have access to all our high resolution graphics and designs. As well, you will be able to purchase all required packaging for your Kono Pizza franchise from Kono Pizza Canada.
  Q: Once I open my first franchise location, how much money will I make?
  A: Actual results will vary from one location to another, and will largely depend on the quality of the location and the dedication of the franchisee. We cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise location, other than work with you to ensure that all demographic data points to a successful location.
  Q: If I purchase the franchise rights for one location, who will build my franchise location?
  A: Kono Pizza Canada will assist you by providing the services of designers and architects to ensure that your location maps to the style and feel of Kono Pizza Canada locations. In certain markets, Kono Pizza Canada can also assist in identifying and recommending building contractors for your location. However, the franchisee is responsible for hiring and paying a building contractor.
  Q: If I purchase the franchise rights for one location, do I have to negotiate the lease for my location?
  A: Each franchisee is responsible for finding and negotiating a commercial lease for their location. Kono Pizza Canada can assist you in ensuring the lease is fair and accurate. Kono Pizza Canada also retains the services a commercial property broker to assist our franchisees in locating a location in their market.
  Q: I’m interested in purchasing the Master Franchise rights for a specific province, is that an option?
  A: If you would like to purchase franchising rights beyond a single location, let us know and we will work with you on the various opportunities available.




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